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  1. Chapter 20 – Valran – Duck


    April 7, 2015 by lynadmin

    “Duck your head a bit. There, like that.” Keldra Dre’s hand rested lightly on the back of Valran’s head. “There.” She tousled his hair gently. “Keep your eyes on the floor, but keep–  here.”  Her hand went down to the small of his back, her other hand to his shoulder. “Keep your spine straight, feet solid […]

  2. Chapter Sixteen – Valran – Here


    February 10, 2015 by lynadmin

    “Here.” Keldra Dre stood up and strode away from Valran. He swallowed until his throat no longer felt too dry to speak again. “Here, ma’am?” “Stay there.” She called it over her shoulder; if Valran hadn’t been so confused, if his legs hadn’t been falling asleep, he would have been grateful. As it was, he […]