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  1. Chapter Fifteen – Taslin – Here


    January 28, 2015 by lynadmin

    “Here.” Reshnel pointed at a spot on the contract. “Sign here, and here; and you, Jervennon of Cecby, there, and there. It is done.” The Master of the Gladiators stood. “I will leave you two to get acquainted. Your next match is the day after next, Taslin. Sir, I will send a runner for your bank […]

  2. Chapter 11 – Taslin – Choose


    November 19, 2014 by lynadmin

    “Choose.” The barracks for the new and un-Patronized Gladiators were, by nature, not at all private. Thus, while Vinroth held up tunics for Taslin, most of the rest of the women were watching with interest. “I like the violet one. I think it brings out your eyes.” Marrhi leaned over her bunk and fingered the […]

  3. Chapter 7 – Taslin – Come


    September 23, 2014 by lynadmin

    “Come, Taslin Gladiator.” Vinroth touched Taslin gently on the elbow. “You have fought well, and now you must deal with another sort of battle.” She blinked at him. The guards had taken away her opponent, and a medic had bound her wounds and fed her something that was supposed to make the pain go away. […]