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  1. An Interim Story: Valran – Sleep


    June 30, 2015 by lynadmin

    Valran lay in bed, staring blankly at the ceiling. Even at night, it wasn’t truly dark in the Inner Circle. Light shone from other windows, from the streets, from down in the second and Third Circles, making the night a dim twilight haze. The outer wall was dark at night, except for the few shuttered […]

  2. An Interim Story: Taslin and Food


    June 23, 2015 by lynadmin

    Taslin’s First Day as a Gladiator “All right,” Ganlenrel had said, “clean yourself up nice and put on your best tunic, then head to the Hall for dinner.” Taslin had done as she was told — she had three tunics, one of which the other fighters had warned her not to get dirty or mucky, […]

  3. Hiatus, a bit abruptly


    May 20, 2015 by lynadmin

    I ran out of Jumping Rings! I’m very sorry; the spring got ahead of me. I am going to take a month hiatus (technically, a month and a half, starting 2 weeks ago) and write ahead.   Jumping Rings will return on June 23, with a month of weekly posts and then, hopefully, weekly posts […]