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Chapter Fourteen – Valran – Agree


December 31, 2014 by lynadmin

“-agree?” It took Valran a moment to realize that Keldra Dre was talking to him. He blinked at her, and settled on “ma’am?” She probably wasn’t going to ask him to go around saying “what the fuck, ma’am?” He hoped. She pursed her lips and frowned at him. Shit. This wasn’t good. “What’s wrong?” That […]

Chapter Thirteen – Taslin – Agree


December 17, 2014 by lynadmin

“Agree. Or don’t. You have to be agreeing to it, Taslin, you know that. They can’t force you to take a Patronage.” “But they can make my life very difficult if I do not. They can make everything unpleasant. They can lean on the owners of the pit. They can Patronize someone else and encourage […]

Chapter 12 – Valran – Choose


December 4, 2014 by lynadmin

“Choose.” “Choose, ma’am?” Valran blinked at the ancient, terrifying woman who owned him. The car had gone quiet for a little while, almost entirely silent, as they wended their way into the heart of New Indapala. And then… that. “I’m sorry, I got lost in my own thoughts. There’s a choice to be had for […]

Chapter 11 – Taslin – Choose


November 19, 2014 by lynadmin

“Choose.” The barracks for the new and un-Patronized Gladiators were, by nature, not at all private. Thus, while Vinroth held up tunics for Taslin, most of the rest of the women were watching with interest. “I like the violet one. I think it brings out your eyes.” Marrhi leaned over her bunk and fingered the […]

Chapter 10 – Valran – Hold


November 5, 2014 by lynadmin

“Hold this.” The terrifying ancient woman passed Valran her satchel. He held it, realized he was using it as a shield, and shifted it so he was in more of a valet pose. He could do valet. It wasn’t what he’d signed up for, but he could do valet. She seemed to approve. “Good. Good […]

Chapter 9 – Taslin – Hold


October 21, 2014 by lynadmin

“Hold!” Her opponent fell down on his knees. “I yield. Shit, what have you been doing?” “Practicing?” Taslin sheathed her sword and offered the man a hand up. “You’re doing well, Sethen. But you’ve got to watch that guard.” “You’ve been here two days longer than I have.” He took her hand and stumbled to […]

Chapter 8 – Valran – Come


October 7, 2014 by lynadmin

“Come.” The female voice, again. Valran didn’t move. “Come, Valran Servus. I am buying you.” He risked looking up, now. It didn’t seem like the wisest idea, but there was something about her voice that demanded attention. So up Valran looked, into eyes like amber. “Ma’am.” It seemed a safe bet, the way she was […]

Chapter 7 – Taslin – Come


September 23, 2014 by lynadmin

“Come, Taslin Gladiator.” Vinroth touched Taslin gently on the elbow. “You have fought well, and now you must deal with another sort of battle.” She blinked at him. The guards had taken away her opponent, and a medic had bound her wounds and fed her something that was supposed to make the pain go away. […]

Chapter 6 – Valran – Thrust


September 6, 2014 by lynadmin

This chapter contains material that some may find NSFW “Thrust out your hips more.” “Now you’re just making fun of me.” “No, I’m telling you what to do.” Bicla put her hands on Valran’s hips and pushed them forward. “Like that. Now you look…” “Like a ten-piece whore on a street corner.” “No, no, at […]

Chapter 5- Taslin – Thrust


September 5, 2014 by lynadmin

Thrust. That was step one. Step two was definitely don’t get thrust into. Taslin danced out of the way of her larger opponent’s blade and, because she could, made a twist out of it so that she could then go for another thrust, this one a move that looked far more complicated than it was. […]