An Alder’s Grove Publication by Lyn Thorne-Alder.

In the world of the Circled Plain, most of humanity lives within walled cities, protected from the monsters outside.

The cities’ walls are nested, circle within circle within circle, and the richest and most powerful live the deepest in the city.

They call the social and economic climb from the outer rings towards the inner the Ladder. The climb is hard, but there are always ways to jump rungs, to skip from an outer ring to an inner.

Taslin and Valran have taken two different paths to that end. ¬†They have both knelt in service to climb the Ladder, and they’ll both have to make it through their ten years of service before they’ll see the fruits of their labor.

Jumping Rings updates every other Tuesday.   Follow our protagonists on their exploration of the inner circles.


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