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  1. An Interim Story: Taslin and Food


    June 23, 2015 by lynadmin

    Taslin’s First Day as a Gladiator “All right,” Ganlenrel had said, “clean yourself up nice and put on your best tunic, then head to the Hall for dinner.” Taslin had done as she was told — she had three tunics, one of which the other fighters had warned her not to get dirty or mucky, […]

  2. Chapter 21 – Taslin – Prepare


    May 6, 2015 by lynadmin

    “Prepare.” Vinroth dropped three piles on Taslin’s bed. “Lanesh and Sellen are coming by in a few minutes, but you should be in the proper mindset before then.” “Mindset?” Taslin sorted through the pile. “These are all tunics – they’re not all from Jervennon, are they? And shoes, sandals? And then – paint? Vinroth, this […]

  3. Chapter Nineteen – Taslin – Duck


    March 25, 2015 by lynadmin

    “Duck!” Taslin and Lansesh were serving as backup for the six-year Gladiator Rantoness Kallesh-Red in a five-on-three match against another Pit’s lead team. It wasn’t a fair fight. It wasn’t even in the same league as a fair fight. But Taslin was having more fun than she’d had in any match so far. She ducked […]

  4. Chapter Seventeen – Taslin – Remember


    February 26, 2015 by lynadmin

    “Remember.” Dar Jervennon brushed his fingers over the marks his love-bites had left on Taslin’s neck. “The night after tomorrow.” “Remember.” She smiled back at him, showing all her teeth. “Oh, my Master, you remember. The night after tomorrow.” She stepped up to him for a farewell kiss, her hands resting on his waist. There […]

  5. Chapter Fifteen – Taslin – Here


    January 28, 2015 by lynadmin

    “Here.” Reshnel pointed at a spot on the contract. “Sign here, and here; and you, Jervennon of Cecby, there, and there. It is done.” The Master of the Gladiators stood. “I will leave you two to get acquainted. Your next match is the day after next, Taslin. Sir, I will send a runner for your bank […]

  6. Chapter Thirteen – Taslin – Agree


    December 17, 2014 by lynadmin

    “Agree. Or don’t. You have to be agreeing to it, Taslin, you know that. They can’t force you to take a Patronage.” “But they can make my life very difficult if I do not. They can make everything unpleasant. They can lean on the owners of the pit. They can Patronize someone else and encourage […]

  7. Chapter 9 – Taslin – Hold


    October 21, 2014 by lynadmin

    “Hold!” Her opponent fell down on his knees. “I yield. Shit, what have you been doing?” “Practicing?” Taslin sheathed her sword and offered the man a hand up. “You’re doing well, Sethen. But you’ve got to watch that guard.” “You’ve been here two days longer than I have.” He took her hand and stumbled to […]

  8. Chapter 7 – Taslin – Come


    September 23, 2014 by lynadmin

    “Come, Taslin Gladiator.” Vinroth touched Taslin gently on the elbow. “You have fought well, and now you must deal with another sort of battle.” She blinked at him. The guards had taken away her opponent, and a medic had bound her wounds and fed her something that was supposed to make the pain go away. […]

  9. Chapter 5- Taslin – Thrust


    September 5, 2014 by lynadmin

    Thrust. That was step one. Step two was definitely don’t get thrust into. Taslin danced out of the way of her larger opponent’s blade and, because she could, made a twist out of it so that she could then go for another thrust, this one a move that looked far more complicated than it was. […]

  10. Chapter 3 – Taslin – Duck


    September 3, 2014 by lynadmin

    “Duck! Damnit, Taslin, I said duck! The next time you miss, I’m going to leave you so sore you can’t lift a sword nor spear for a week!” Gan was shouting. Taslin found her lips curling back in a grin, so, instead, she ducked her head. “Again, ma’am Ganlenrel?” “Again! I’ll give you again, you […]